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Weddings and Events

Your wedding day will be the most important and influential day of your life!  At Greenbriar Inn and Catering we will make this day the most beautiful, memorable and unique day of your life, with the least stress possible.  As wedding professionals since 1986, we can provide one-stop shopping, if you wish, and can assist you in the planning of the festivities throughout the process!    Our goal is to create the most personal experience for you and your families, as your wedding coordinator.

Facility rates includeNormal set-up and clean-up for your group at no extra charge. For groups of more than 50 people, a $50.00 set up fee will be charged. For groups of more than 100 people, a $100.00 set up fee will be charged.  We have linens, tables, and as many as 150 chairs for indoor/outdoor events. Our capacity:

We can seat 80 people in the main dining room, and can hold up to 150 people for informal receptions, inside.  We can seat 50 people on our deck, and up to150 people on the lawn and patios in front of the Inn.

  • Groups of 10 or less may rent the facility for as little as one hour for a short wedding. Cost will be $200.00
  • Groups of 10-30: Minimum facility use is 3 hours at $125.00 per hour.
  • Groups of 31-100: Minimum facility use is 4 hours at $175.00 per hour
  • Groups of 101-150: Minimum facility use is 5 hours at $250.00 per hour
  • Groups of 150 or more: Minimum 5 hour use at $350.00 per hour

A charge of $75.00 per hour is applicable to wedding rehearsals.  A minister is available on site.  Kris can do your ceremony for an additional $75.00 if you so wish.

These facility charges will be assessed from the time that the bridal party, guests, or anyone else arrives on the premise. That does not include photographers, DJ’s or cake people.  If you wish to decorate prior to the event, a charge of $75.00 per hour will apply for each hour prior to the event.  Please ask us for more information on this.  There is no charge for you for the time that our staff takes to set up or clean up.

If requested, china and silver, wine, water, beer and coffee cups will be provided for $2.50 per person. We can provide paper-ware at a cost of $1.00  per person.

Should you need help coordinating rentals from a rental company a service charge of 10% will be added to the rentals to cover our costs.  A deposit of $500.00 must be made to secure the date.  THIS IS NON-REFUNDABLE IF YOU SHOULD CANCEL YOUR DATE.  HOWEVER, YOUR DEPOSIT WILL BE REFUNDED IF AFTER YOUR EVENT, THERE ARE NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES OR DAMAGES.  Balance is due on the date of service.  Larger events (parties of over 50) must provide us with 50% deposit, based on an estimate of services provided, no later than 1 week prior to the event.  We accept Visa, Master Charge, American Express, and Discover Cards.

The space provided includes two fireplaces, two bathrooms, large dining room bar, and two smaller dining areas, and is fully heat and air-conditioned.

WINE AND BEER:  We have a wine, beer and hard liquor license. We have a complete list of alcoholic beverages and can provide you with your own choice if you do not see one that is suitable on our list.  We will order whatever you request, however you will be billed for your special request, and can take this home with you if it is not consumed.  No alcohol is to be brought to the Greenbriar by the client.  This is for insurance reasons.  If you would like us to run a cash bar (the guests pay for their own alcohol, not the host) we will be happy to do that!  However, we reserve the right to ask any of your guests to leave if they bring in their own alcohol, or leave the premises to consume their own alcohol at or near their cars, and then return to the party.

CATERING:  We have many menus to suit your budget and taste, if you choose to use our catering service, while using our facility.  For a buffet style presentation, 1 server for every 25 people will be provided.   For a seated dinner no less than 1 server for every 14 people will be provided.  We charge $25.00 per hour for each server provided.  We will also add a 18% gratuity to your bill, as well as the 6.0% sales tax.

CHILDREN: If children are going to be at your event, parents must be responsible for their children at all times.  Our lovely turn of the century mansion is full of decks, stairs, cubbyholes and other hazards, which we do not wish to expose children to. Or, if you prefer, you could provide a babysitter who will supervise.  If you bring activities for the children, please do not bring clay or play dough, or any permanent pens or markers.  If you would like, we can set up a special “children’s” buffet, with children’s menu.  We will put a sign on this table indicating it is to be used only by the children.