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A Brief History: The Greenbriar Inn was originally built by Harvey Davey in 1908 as a trademark home to advertise his brick building specialty.

The 30s: The house was sold to the Mayor’s mistress , and run as a bordello for about 10 years.

The 40s: Burlington Northern Railway purchased the house as a residence for the railway workers.

The 50s: Purchased by a private family and called the “Wallace Apartments”.

The 60s: Headquarters for Health, Education and Welfare.

The 70s: Occupied by the Tridentine Church of Spokane, housing over thirty nuns, as well as a daycare forparishioners.

The 80s: The building stood vacant for several years, incurring a lot of damage from frozen pipes and neglect.

In 1984, Bob and Kris McIlvenna and their family moved in and began repairing and restoring the old house to its original elegance. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, and has been completely restored and updated since their opening, April 1, 1985.

In 2008, we celebrated the Greenbriar’s 100th Anniversary!